Make it Social - Refashion in Antwerp and beyond

Make it Social - Refashion in Antwerp and Beyond HEREWEAR workshop

The HEREWEAR project is teaming up with "Kringwinkel Antwerpen" to bring you an exciting workshop! Join us as we explore how social enterprises can make a positive impact on local fashion design and repair shops. In the morning session, we will introduce you to the world of social economy and discuss how it can help you build a successful and profitable company. We will also address the challenges that come with running a social enterprise. In the afternoon, get ready for an interactive workshop where we will brainstorm and find solutions to overcome these challenges.




Kringwinkel Circuit Jef Cassiersstraat 29 2000 Antwerpen





10:00: Introduction and experience sharing by Gatam, De kringwinkel, MakersUnite, Mai Bine and Studio AMA

11:30: Panel discussion with speakers

12:00: Lunch

13:00: Interactive workshop on social enterprises

15:30: Closing remarks and networking drinks